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Malaysian couple commits suicide due to heavy loan shark debt



This couple from Bukit Mertajam, Penang took their own lives as they owed the loan shark too much money.

Their bodies were found yesterday in their unit in Bayu Mutiara flats at Bukit Tengah along with two suicide notes.

According to Chinapress, one of the notes listed out about nine of the loan sharks’ names along with the amount that they owed, which amounted to about RM100,000.

One of the notes also said, “If the lady survives, then give my RM20,000 Employee Provident Fund to her,” while the other note said, “If both of us are dead, please buy the cheapest caskets for us and throw our ashes in the river.”

The bodies were identified as Sim Hun Khong, 47, and Tam Soo Sim, 35, who had already been living together for five years and were planning to get married soon. Sim was working as a factory operator while Tam was working in an advertising firm.



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