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Makcik cheats stall out of money: Triggers racist comments online



CCTV footage of a Muslim woman cheating a fruit seller out of money right in front of him has gone viral and has triggered a slew of racist comments against Muslims online.

Recently, Facebook user Fu Yuet Hoe shared a video showing a hijab-clad woman buying vegetables from a stall. She hands the seller a note and he gives her back her change in a number of bills.

The woman immediately takes one note and stuffs it into her pocket. She then counts her money and insists that the seller gave her the wrong change. The seller counts the money again and proceeds to give her an extra bill to account for the one she hid in her pocket.

The video quickly accumulated nearly half a million views, over 12,000 shares and almost 1,000 comments. Most of which were about the race of the woman.

Many Netizens started attacking Muslims as a whole by complaining about their religion and religious beliefs as well as scoffing at religious people in general.

Some netizens were upset that the woman’s race was mentioned at all which in turn caused Netizens to attack Muslims as a whole.

However, some people argued that race should never have been a factor in the first place as a dishonest person does not have a race or a religion.

What do you think? Should the woman’s race have been brought into this case of theft?

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