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Employer allegedly catches maid stealing large stacks of money: Maid hides cash in sanitary pads



An employer, Dol Chew, has discovered that her maid has been stealing large stacks of money from her.

Photo Credit: Dol Chew

On 3 April, Dol Chew posted a series of images and videos accusing her maid of stealing and hiding large sums of her money.

According to the post, which has since garnered 2427 shares, the domestic helper would steal her employers money when she went to throw out the trash.

Photo Credit: Dol Chew

The images reveal that the money stolen included bills from other currencies as well.

Netizens were quick to react with many calling out the maid for her behaviour and imploring other employers to conduct checks and monitor their maids more closely.

Photo Credit: Facebook

However, others were not entirely satisfied with the story Dol posted.

Many people claimed that the story sounded suspicious and that they needed to hear the helper’s side of the story before they could judge her.

Photo Credit: Facebook

What do you think? Did the helper steal this money or is there more to the story? Let us know in the comments!

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