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Maid stole necklace and posed with it to take photo, and got caught by employee!



I want to share a story about a helper here is my bff’s ex helper . Totally a nightmare . As shown attached proof she only work 3 months for them claim her Father dying soon. ( but she can wait 1 week for replacement to arrive then leave ) tell me more about it .

Didn’t even want to admit she took the necklace back till send her the picture , no sorry was given . The first time was a ring which my Friend talk to her and still give it to her. Not to mentioned when her employer lend her a iphone 5 to use when she is still working for them she claimed is they GIVE it to her instead of LEND.

When she is going back she still want to bring the phone back! During her employment with my friend, just nice on her off day a iphone6s is missing as well. Called her and questioned her she say she didn’t took it so she came back crying and she found the iphone6s. (HOW AMAZING? WHOLE FAMILY TRY FINDING FOR IT BUT TO NO VALID. )

Look at her attitude , after this was share into her community she start calling to beg us to remove. That when more things came out to light that she been cheating a lot of her friends money. My Friend have been really nice and all towards her.

Here’s the screenshot

Not to mentioned her attitude towards the elderly at home as well. Hire her at your own risk!



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