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Live auction goes wrong: Man change his mind about buying mouse and insults seller and her mother



If you’re familiar with online drama, you probably would have heard that recently, there was a huge blowup involving a live auction and a man who was very rude and insulting towards the seller.

Live actions are fairly commonplace but recently, one of them went very wrong.

Jovi, a live auctioneer, recently has a clear-out sale because he was changing office spaces. One of the items he sold was a wireless Ant-Man mouse. A bid was placed on the item by a man who agreed on the deal.

A while later, while on Facebook Messenger with the page admin, the buyer decided that he had changed his mind and that he no longer wanted the mouse.

The admin politely repaid asking him to please refrain from bidding if he didn’t want the item.

That is when things started to turn ugly.

The buyer replied rudely using vulgarities and even very inappropriately asked Jovi to call him “daddy”.

Instead of reacting the same way, Jovi calmly tried explaining why what he said was inappropriate and what he should have done if he did not want the item.

The buyer went on to reply with a long rant telling Jovi he wanted to marry her and sell his freezer. This is what he said:

Yes ok. I love you.

I bid the item because I wanted you to love me back too. So that we could get married and live happily ever after.

Then for the payment of that item, I actually wanted to sell off the freezer in my fridge because it couldn’t make ice anymore but the garang gun didn’t want to buy my iceless freezer. He wanted to buy my mobile phone instead.

I asked him why then he said he wanted to learn how to do bidding auction and teach all the old folks home how to open bidding site too. And later fall in love with them. Just like how I fell in love with you.

But the old aunties all menopause so they couldn’t give birth meaning to say they couldn’t live happily ever after that.

You understand my story now? Thanks.

In anger, Jovi took screenshots and uploaded them to Facebook with this caption:

Customers are always right, yes. but are we supposed to get scolded, and etc by them? bidded items, don’t want the item, didn’t inform, I only asked if he wanted the items still as we are moving office already. I am only doing my job. then got scolded to f*ck off, and carry on his grandmother story (???) disgrace to humans. He, as a boss himself should know how tough it is to run a business, it’s not easy itself already, please understand us, even though we are only doing a small business. PLEASE REFER TO THE LAST SCREENSHOT WHERE HE SAID ” OLD FOLKS ” AND ” OLD AUNTIES ALL MENOPAUSE COULDNT GIVE BIRTH”

When the buyer saw the post, he decided to retaliate and sent Jovi more messages asking her to meet him in Farrer Park to fight and see who would win.

He even took it a step further and sent a sexually explicit message to Jovi’s mother.

Netizens were furious and many tried to send messages of their own to him and to even call his phone number. Some even suggested that he might have been hacked.

The buyer has since deactivated his Facebook page.

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