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Lady pulled a fast one on taxi uncle and got herself a free ride!




Dear friends!

Please take note of the lady in red! My dad has picked her up at Yishun MRT this afternoon at 4.25pm and she was heading to Toa Payoh and the Bishan Junction 8. When alighting, she did not have any cash on her and hence requested my dad to give her his bank account number so that she can transfer the taxi fare to him. She also gave my dad her mobile number.

As my dad had never encountered such incident, he did not take down her nric number or other proof of her identity. After driving off, he realized that he did not give her his bank name and when he is back home, he asked me to call the mobile number given to him by this lady earlier to inform her.

When I called, it was a guy who picked up and he says he never take any taxi at all.

At this moment, I realized my dad has been taken advantaged by this lady in red!

Damn angry a young lady trying to take advantage of an old taxi driver. While the taxi fare is small amount but I think such behaviour cannot be tolerated in our society!

Just made a police report! For those who have friends or relatives driving taxi, pls beware of this lady in red if she is boarding your taxi!

Source: John Lim



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