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Lady collapsed due to exhaustion while on her way back home in a Grab car.



Feng posted his past experience while doing Grab as a driver.

This is what he said:

This happened to me awhile ago (2mths back) I was on my way home from Serangoon back to Pasir Ris at around 5am and i managed to fetch this lady at Chomp Chomp back to Tampines. Upon reaching there, she texted me to wait for her for 5mins while she finish smoking, i was abit upset however since I’m not in a hurry i didn’t make a fuss about it.

When she board the car, she sat at the back and we did chat a little and she was sharing with me that she’s working as sales and it’s been a few days since she last had a good rest and after awhile she dozed off

When reaching her destination, there is a vehicle blocking the entrance and I had to go in at an angle and because of the hump, the car jerked a little so I looked back to check on her and to my surprised that didn’t wake her up.

After reaching the block rubbish chute, I said “Sorry Miss, we’re here” she didn’t response, and i tried again. That started to get me worried so I rolled down the window to let fresh air come in and took my phone with me and I got over to her side and dial Grab 24hr hotline, a lady picked up the phone and i explained to her the situation and said I’ve keep calling out to her and even shook her just to wake her up but she did not response at all, so the lady over the phone confirmed the passenger details (pick up and drop off location and name) and said they would try to ring her phone to get her attention while in the mean time I dial 995. so I did

After dialling 995, I explained to them the situation and my location, and the operator wanted me to describe her current medical situation, as I’m not medically trained, All I could say was there wasn’t any visible head trauma and she is still breathing. The operator advised me to stay calm and ambulance is on the way.

After hanging up, about 5mins later, 1 Fire Bike came and followed behind was the ambulance and the paramedic immediately did a pulse check and start calling out to her too but she still didn’t wake up.

The paramedic starts giving her massage around the neck/head area and after awhile she slowly started regaining conscience and asked where is she, and I said we are at your block rubbish chute and you’ve been out for a good 30mins and i panicked and called the ambulance. And the paramedic wanted to send her to hospital for further detailed check up as they suspected she collapsed due to exhaustion however she declined, By then the Police is already on scene and taken my statement and my particulars and since she declined hospital treatment, the Police said they will escort the lady up to her flat. And after that I thanked them and I went home abit shaken and shocked

Just wanna share this incident out with you guys, luckily the lady did not suffered any major mishap.



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