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Lady allegedly got bitten by bed bugs while travelling from S’pore to Hong Kong with Flyscoot



According to a post by Jiamin, she posted this message on Flyscoot Facebook post after trying to private message them by to no avail.

This is what she said:

Hi there, I really didn’t want to post this here but given that you chose to ignore my private FB messages and continue pushing promo stuff on this page – thought this might actually be a better idea.

I took flights TR-2062 and TR-2069 on Tuesday 8 August from Singapore to Hong Kong and back. After I touched down, I noticed my arms and back had a cluster of bed bug bites. As it was a daytrip to HK, these bites could not have come from anywhere apart from the plane.

I’ve taken FlyScoot‘s planes a couple of times now so the fact that there are bed bugs on the seats of your planes is extremely concerning for me. I also noticed that this does not seem to be the first time

What’s even more appalling is your careless attitude to what appears to be a serious issue which concerns the health of passengers onboard your planes.

Would appreciate a response, thanks.



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