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Korean restaurant owner left my baby in tears when she snatch the plastic cup away and refused to return it to her!




I cannot help but feeling sad (and mad) over an incident at a Korean restaurant in Centre Point where my husband and I and our 10-month baby had dinner yesterday. The waiter gave my baby a plastic cup.

My baby was very keen to play with the cup. She pretended that she drank water from the cup but as a baby she did not hold the cup firmly and from time to time she dropped the cup on the floor.

We did not expect it to happen at all that the restaurant owner approached my baby and she took the cup away and told us in a very rude manner that the cup was not a toy for our baby. We were completely shocked and were unable to speak for a minute.

I eventually gathered myself and asked her what was wrong with my baby playing with the cup and that if the cup  was ever broken, I would be happy to pay for it. She could not give me a proper answer but refused to give the cup back to my baby.

It was unbearable for me to look at my baby’s wide and watery opening eyes. We left the restaurant immediately but I could not stop feeling so sad until now.

Can any of you, mommies, make sense of it? Was it wrong for us to allow our baby to play with a cup/bowl/spoon as a toy during meal time?

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