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Koi aquarium with 10 fish built at steps of HDB ground unit



You can do lots of things for your pets. You can buy them three-tiered cat condos, spanking new dog kennels, or accessorise their fish tanks with cute little landscape pieces.

When you live in a HDB (small public housing) and still want a Koi pond.

Posted by Aqua Lush on Monday, 6 August 2018

Or, you know, you could build a whole koi pond at the doorstep of your HDB.

You know, right where the steps are.

Photo Credits: Aqua Lush Facebook

It wouldn’t really be fair to call it a pond, considering that 10 koi fish and a suckermouth catfish are crammed into this rectangular tank. It might appear large and extravagant compared to a simple fish aquarium, but it’s actually far less space than koi fish should have.

A koi pond shouldn’t be less than 3785 litres in volume, and be at least 1m deep, preferably 1.2m to 1.5m.

For those wondering how the occupants of the house enter and exit without taking a dive, this flat which is supposedly at Tampines has dual door access as it’s a combination of two housing units.

While this may be #HDBgoals for some individuals, many comments disapprove of the overcrowding of the fish.

When fish don’t have enough space to swim around, some harmful consequences they face are a shortened lifespan, bad water quality and stress which leads to illness.

Maybe Town Council will come knocking at his door soon.



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