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A kind lady offered to give old lady a hitch on her taxi ride during the MRT train breakdown



Nurul posted this message on her social media account complimenting the taxi driver who gave them a discount on their taxi ride.

This is her story

I was waiting for a cab at Jurong East taxi stand alongside many others who were stranded because of the MRT NSL breakdown this evening.

I called for taxi a few times until I finally got one. I saw a frail old nyonya waited for taxi but no taxi came; either private cars or on call taxis.

I felt pity for her and decided to ask for her destination, hoping it’s along my way so I can help her. Fortunately, our destination was the same, Yishun!

She was so relieved and I was happy to help her. When the cab finally arrived, I explained to the driver. Along the way, he stopped the meter, restarted it and said there was a discount because he said I helped the aunty and I was going to visit my mother at the hospital.

He was so kind and we are so touched.

Thank you Mr Koh, taxi no 3721,Comfort for giving us such a great discount of $16 despite the heavy traffic & peak hours. God bless you.



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