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Jaguar driver brakes recklessly and damages car in unprovoked road rage incident



In a recent case of unprovoked road rage, a Facebook user has posted a video showing a Jaguar driver repeatedly cutting him off and breaking suddenly. The driver then damages the user’s vehicle.

On 16 July (Monday), a video was uploaded to Facebook page Roads.SG by a driver who claimed that a man driving a Jaguar repeatedly cut him off, braked suddenly, yelled and even damaged his car. The entire incident was allegedly unprovoked.

In the 4 minute video, which was posted in its entity to prove that the incident was unprovoked, the driver can be seen driving along Buangkok Green on his way to work.

All of a sudden, a Jaguar cut into his lane and braked suddenly. The Jaguar continued to drive and brake recklessly while yelling at the other driver through his window.

Finally, the Jaguar stopped in the middle of the road and got out of his car. He walked over and tried to open the door of the car but the driver locked it in time.

After standing outside and yelling for some time, the driver hit the right side mirror of the car with his hand before walking back to the car. In doing so, he damaged the mirror.

This is the full post:

I was driving along Buangkok Green on my way to work when a Jaguar SLN3311S cut into my lane and braked abruptly. After few times making reckless manoeuvres (plus yelling when side by side), the driver stopped in the middle of the road and got out of his car and walked to mine. He forcefully pulled the driver’s door handle from the outside in an attempt to open the car door.
I anticipated it and locked my doors before he did that. He continued to yell, then angrily hit the right side mirror of my car with his hand before walking back to his car.
The mirror is slightly damaged as a result. I find his behaviour unacceptable and dangerous to the public.
I have submitted the video to the Traffic Police. Hopefully, they can look into this matter as soon as possible.

Submitting the previous 2 min video there was no previous provocation. The reason that could have triggered him maybe the part when I turned from Buangkok Drive to Buangkok Green. After I turned left I kept to the right lane gradually. As u can tell from the traffic condition he should have been behind my car but cut to the right lane at high speed the moment he turned to Buangkok Green. He must have been very unhappy I “blocked” his way.

The incident has since been reported to the police.

The Jaguar driver has also submitted a police report where he claimed that everything was untrue and that the driver had actually provoked him by giving him the middle finger. He claims that he stopped the car only to see what his problem was. This would be plausible considering that the video was posted without the sound.

However, Netizens are chiming in to say that they have seen this man before and that he has done this many times. With this and the video, it’s quite clear that the Jaguar driver does not have much to go on.

Who do you believe?

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