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Instagram user complains about $2 Hari Raya packets: Calls the amount ‘sick’



Hari Raya is a time for family and bonding. Muslim families all over the world spend the time gathering at homes, eating good food and sometimes, presenting family members with green packets with a little bit of money in them.

However, some people are apparently not happy with the amount being presented to them.

Recently, Facebook user Dzar Ismail took to the platform to share a screen grab from an unknown user’s Instagram Story. In the post, the user complained about people who still gave amounts such as $2, $4 and $5 in their green packets.

The user claimed that people who gave those amounts needed to ‘rethink that choice’.

He went on to argue that this value was insignificant considering the price of items nowadays and claimed that while the amount may have been okay many years ago, it is ‘not being nice’ to give this amount now.

Photo Credit: Dzar Ismail

The user also mentioned that as Hari Raya was a once a year event, people should ‘show some sport’ and to ‘at least let the kid have something to enjoy’.

He ended the post by calling amounts such as $2, $4 and $5 ‘basic’.

Netizens were quick to respond with many calling out the user for being ungrateful especially because giving a child money during Hari Raya is not a necessity but an act of generosity.

Other netizens argued that people give whatever they can afford and that is unfair to expect someone to give a large amount in each green packet especially when they might be handing out many to all the children in their family.

That said, it has been noted that the post was allegedly only one of many posts on the topic by the same user and that it was possibly taken out of context.

What do you think? Should people feel pressured to give more in green packets considering the rising prices of things or should they continue to give what they can afford as every cent counts.

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