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Innocent Facebook prank taken seriously: Man lodges police report



Facebook pranks involving links that lead back to the reader’s own Facebook profile are fairly common and most people chuckle, roll their eyes and move on when they encounter them. However, if you aren’t familiar with these pranks, they can get get pretty ugly fast as this Facebook user recently learnt.

Drayson Lim recently posted a harmless Facebook post saying that someone entered his home in Sengkang and stole some valuables as well as damaged his door. He went on to say that the perpetrator had left their phone on the table and that the person had 24 hours to return the items or else a police report would be lodged.

At the end of the post, he included a link saying that this was the Facebook profile of the thief. However, this fairly common link is specifically set to send the reader back to their own profile page thereby making them think they committed a crime (when they clearly didn’t).

However, Facebook user Christopher Pereira didn’t seem to get the joke.

He posted this comment under Drayson’s post:

The man then went ahead to Geylang Neighbourhood Police Center to lodge a police report against Drayson Lim. He posted a picture of the report online as proof that he was completely serious.

That was when Christopher’s friends tried to (not so kindly) educate him about the joke.

However, he was having none of it and repeatedly insisted that it was not a joke and that his reputation was on the line…Repeatedly.

When he finally realised that the link was a joke, he insisted that he had taught the police something new and that now they were better for it because they were aware.

As if this saga wasn’t wild enough, the person who made the original post, Drayson Lim, actually threatened to make a police report against Christopher for defaming him.

While the post is still up, Christopher seems to have got the joke and has admitted that he had never encountered this but that he was glad for the opportunity to learn.

Looks like it all worked out for the pair and everyone got a good laugh for it!

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