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Say goodbye to IKEA’s vanilla ice cream, and hello to soy



IKEA is a wonderful place no matter what age you are. There’s just something magical about traversing the alleys of furniture and mini showrooms. Got kids? IKEA’s the place to bring them. On a date? Why not head to IKEA? Actual furniture shopping for your house? IKEA’s got you covered.

You know what else makes IKEA such a great place? The food. Obviously. The meatballs, the chicken wings, the hot dogs and the 50-cent vanilla ice cream to rival MacDonalds’. Or rather, the soy ice cream.

Photo Credits: IKEA Facebook

You read that right. IKEA announced last Monday that they have swapped their vanilla soft-serve with soya ice-cream. It’s 100% plant-based, dairy and gluten-free. Apparently, this is all part of their masterplan to transform IKEA into a more sustainable operation.

We can see how this might work for lactose intolerant individuals, or those choosing to abstain from dairy for personal dietary reasons. Vegans everywhere, rejoice.

Others are a little skeptical. Soy causes gout, boycott IKEA because of soy. That’s soy sad.

It seems you can’t please everyone. The only solution left is to just eat ice-kacang when craving something icy and sweet. IKEA has a $1.50 frozen yogurt option as well.

Already, IKEA has updated its website menu, eliminating any trace of vanilla ice cream.

Photo Credits: IKEA Singapore website

Globally, IKEA has taken steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle with dishes like veggie hotdogs created from kale, lent and carrots, and even vegan caviar created from kelp seaweed.



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