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I fed my kids this popular brand of milk, and found rotten fish skin in it!




A post by Joanne saying that she found something inside her Marigold HL Milk. Her son unfortunately drink the whole packet via straw.

This is what she said:

I was horrified and shocked to find this inside one of the packets I cut open for my boy because I heard something knocking about inside. Worse that he had a bit already before I realised. I would never have known if he had finished drinking the whole packet via the straw, which would be the way most kids would drink.

We have no clue or what could it be, but it definitely isn’t something that should be inside. And I just bought another new pack of 6 which I will be chucking out.

Just thought we should share this in case any parents out there also give MARIGOLD HL Milk SG to their young kids. We will be contacting them tomorrow if we don’t hear from them.

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