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Heroic passerby rescued a motorcyclist who crashed into oncoming traffic at high speed




A bad accident that occurred in front of Republic Polytechnic yesterday resulted in brutal injuries for a motorcyclist, who crashed into an oncoming car at a traffic junction at high speeds.

According to a heroic passerby, Mohammed Waseem, “After the crash, the motorcyclist flew 2 to 3 meters away from his motorcycle. He couldn’t get up. I ran to him and saw his left hand was broken and there were bones sticking out. His leg was also broken. The guy was brutally injured.”

“He was lying face down so I pull his head up to let him breathe and called 999,” He said. “I called at 10.11AM, the ambulance arrived at about 10.19AM.”

It is understood that the rider is now recovering in hospital. The car driver escaped with no injuries. Police investigation ongoing



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