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Helper in Sengkang allegedly hit the kid she taking care of with a long tree branch




According to Elaine, she witnessed a helper allegedly hit the kid she taking care of with a long tree branch in Sengkang

This is what she said on her post:

Parents, please be wary of the well-being of your kids at all times and if anyone has a good helper to recommend to this mother who needs our help, please pm me.*

Any parents who send their girl to Sunbird childcare (Sengkang) and was picked up by the helper probably about 5.30pm today? Pls PM me.

I witnessed the helper hitting the girl with a long tree branch while my mum drove past but did not have my hp with me earlier. Walking to the childcare to see if they can help identify.

The mummy and I want to thank all those who bothered and shared as well as the childcare centre.

The tree branch is longer and thicker than a cane.
The gal was crying and seated on the grass patch when i saw the helper whipped her twice. The school will try to identify and get the parents to call me. Location of encounter is near junction of Sengkang East Way and Rivervale Drive. Suspected residing blk 100plus or the landed near Rivervale Mall area.

Pls help share if you know of anyone suspected and get the parent to contact me. The school suspected one student but can’t confirm.

For that girl, the helper is quite new. I am worried for the girl… the helper is daring enough to be doing this in public already. Can’t imagine if she is the sole caregiver for several hours at home.

Update: The mummy has messaged me for verification. She managed to see my FB post and the CC also got in touch with her. Just to share a bit (With approval from the mum)… mummy is currently pregnant and recommended bed rest. The mentioned gal has speech issues, unable to convey any encounters but will hit the helper and refused attention of the helper while the 4mth helper appeared to be nice in front of the parents. She is found with some marks but generally ok now. The parents are trying to resolve this issue without alerting the helper.




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