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HDB allegedly taking their own sweet time attending to a popping tiles case



Diana had a rude shock when she heard a loud explosive sound and cracking at her living room in the wee hours of the night.

This is her story

3am in the morning me and kids were sleeping, husband just came back from work when suddenly there’s an explosive sound and loud non-stop cracking sound.. Husband went to the living room and saw half of our kitchen floor like this!

He quickly grabbed our baby and told all of us to get up and run.. so i grabbed my keys and all of us rushed out of our home..
Still in sleepy yet panicking mode,

I quickly called the police and police officers, scdf and town council officers came and checked our house and told us this type of case is handled by hdb as this is due to flooring, not gas pipe explosion or what.. Meanwhile me and family were advised not to enter the kitchen as its very dangerous because high chance the other side of the kitchen might crack also..

And just now morning at 830am one of the hdb officer called and said that he will be coming on Tuesday to check my kitchen floor?!!
Like seriously?!! My kitchen floor is still having this cracking sound and half the floor keeps popping up and hdb can still delay?!!
For goodness sake i have kids at home and one of them is a toddler who like to crawl and walk around the whole house!
And so as usual i have to be the “bad one” making a big fuss, scolding and nagging then hdb decided to come and view my house today. Pfft !
What type of service is hdb giving me?
What if suddenly the whole kitchen collapse?!
What if my son accidentally went to the kitchen and it collapse?!
What if something bad really happen?!
I tried to walk to the toilet and when i step at one of the tiles IT CRACKS EVEN MORE!!!

Why cant hdb sees that this type of situation is Very DANGEROUS to me and my family?!
Why cant hdb think of our safety at home since this happened like out of a sudden?!
You want to wait until something terrible to happen then u will rushed to this type of emergency cases is it?

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