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Foreigner stunned by $20 plate of Nasi Padang at Orchard



A foreigner who recently moved to Singapore was stunned after receiving the bill for a plate of Nasi Padang.

Photo Credit: Raymond Yeoh

Raymond Yeoh, a Malaysian, moved to Singapore three weeks ago and recently enjoyed a plate of Nasi Padang at Food Opera Padang Padang in ION Orchard.

Photo Credit: Raymond Yeoh

However, he was shocked at the $20 bill that he was presented.

He immediately took to Facebook group COMPLAINT SINGAPORE to…well…complain.

Photo Credit Raymond Yeoh

In the Facebook post, which has since been shared 37 times, Raymond said that he had simply ordered anchovies and peanuts, fried fish, mutton cubes and a smaller fried fish.

He lamented that the $20 bill was unbelievable and that even tourists wouldn’t get charged that much.

Netizens were, of course, quick to criticise Raymond for complaining about the price.

Photo Credit: Facebook


Photo Credit: Facebook

This is not the first time that customers have been shocked by the price of food at mixed rice stalls.

Recently, Facebook user Nizam Vanderbeek took to the Facebook page of Halal Cafe & Restaurants In Singapore to complain about his Nasi Padang which cost him $14.

Photo Credit: Nizam Vanderbeek

Nizam ordered rice, fried fish and beans and so was understandably shocked to see a $14 bill for something that should have cost half the price.

Of course, he did have this meal at a Kopitiam and they are known to jack up their prices to make up for the rental in their air-conditioned, comfortable location.

Nizam in this case wrote an angry email to Kopitiam to demand to know why his Nasi Padang cost him so much.

While prices at mixed rice stalls can get confusing, I say, just ask for the price before you order something.

Have you ever felt that you were overcharged for mixed rice or nasi padang? Let us know in the comments below.

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