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Foodpanda’s Instagram Account Get’s Hacked: Followers Receive Rude Messages



Local food delivery service, Foodpanda, has fallen prey to a hacker on their Instagram account on Monday, 15 July.

The hack was confirmed by the company in a pinned Facebook post this afternoon.

In the post, Foodpanda said that it was aware of the hack and they apologised for any inappropriate messages followers might be getting.

True enough, Foodpanda’s hacker has been have quite a field day with the account.

The hacker started by deleting every single post on the page except for one. The only post left on the page is a video with the caption  “TvShow:Gotham”

Foodpanda’s profile picture was then changed to feature a man in a black ski mask. The link in their bio was also changed. It currently links users to an Arabic Twitter account.


The only proof that this account truly belongs to the popular food delivery service is their tagged photo page which shows a whole lot of pictures where the company has been tagged.

However, this is not all the hacker did. Unfortunately, it would seem that inappropriate messages have been sent to followers as well.

Instagram user, @gadula, shared screenshots of an encounter with Foodpanda’s hacker.

She had initially taken to her Instastory to complain about dismal service that she had received from the service.

In her post, she started by talking about she received the “worst service ever” from Foodpanda. She also invited her followers to rate the service and tagged the company.

The message was seen by Foodpanda’s hacker who proceeded to send her a rude reply back. In their private reply, the Foodpanda account can be seen saying “fuck you bitch” and “suck my dick”. They had also apparently said “delete this you dumb whore” as an initial reply to the Instastory.

However, once @gadula had seen each message, the hacker deleted them. She was eventually blocked by the account after a similarly insulting conversation.

Foodpanda has warned user to not respond to any messages they might receive from @foodpandasg and to be careful till they manage to get their account back.


Camillia is always found with a book in her hand and her phone in the other. She loves food and doesn't understand how people can "forget to eat". She will also do literally anything for a good Instagram picture.



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