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Foodpanda Rider allegedly Fakes Hit and Run Accident and Scams Customer



When we order food from food delivery services, we trust that we are receiving honest and high quality service. Unfortunately, this was not true for one woman. Recently, Facebook user Jasmine Tan took to the social media platform to complain about the dishonest service she received from Foodpanda. In her post, Jasmine claimed that she has made an order worth $34.09 from Popeye’s through Foodpanda. She made the order at 7pm and her food was scheduled to arrive at around 7.30pm.
However, at 8pm, Jasmine and her family were still waiting for their dinner. When she checked on her order through the Foodpanda app, it claimed that the meal had already been delivered at 7.45pm.
Just gotten the worst service from FoodPanda. Last night I ordered Popeyes from waterway point amount $34.09 at around 7pm. Delivery time will be about 7.30pm . Transaction was through my nets card. At 8pm I was still waiting for my food to arrive and I checked the apps. It said my food WAS delivered at 7.45pm. I immediately messaged their app chat asking about my order.
Shortly after sending in a query about her order, a Foodpanda rider arrived at her home. This was at 8.15pm. According to Jasmine, the rider had scrapes and blood on his knees and he was limping. The driver claimed that he had been involved in an accident in front of Oasis Primary School. A car had hit his e-scooter and had hurt him as well as badly damaged the food. The driver of the car had then allegedly driven off. The rider then explained that he had gone back to Popeyes to replace Jasmine’s order. He then asked her to pay him an additional $34.09 with the promise that Foodpanda would reimburse her within six days. Thinking nothing of it and noting her hungry children, Jasmine decided to just pay the rider.
Then the rider arrived at about 8.15pm limping with some scrap blood on his knees saying he got in an accident at Oasis Primary School. He said a Mercs driver had hit his escooter and our order got damaged so badly. Then the Mercs driver drove off (like a hit and run accident) then he claimed he went back to Popeyes to help us reorder our food. So he was asking me to pay him cash for the 2nd order and that FoodPanda will pay me back within 6 days. I wasn’t thinking that much as my children are all getting very hungry. So I told my husband who was at our neighbors’ house and he came over and we passed him the cash of $34.10 and he left immediately. I was still talking to their chat line person.
However, Jasmine was still in contact with Foodpanda’s customer service and they informed her that the rider had insisted that he had not taken any money from her.
Angered, Jasmine immediately went to file a police report against the man who she described as being a Chinese man in his 20s or 30s with tattoos over his legs and who was wearing many gold rings and bracelets.
Most epic thing. The chat line person said they had contacted their dispatch team and the rider insisted he didn’t take money from us. We were so pissed, we dragged the 2 sleepy kids out and rushed down the make a police report. The officer had stated that its a cheating case. The details of this rider is, he is about 20-30years old, Chinese male with tattoos all over his legs, he was wearing lots of gold rings, gold bracelet and necklace.
Jasmine then took to Facebook to post about her experience in the hope that she could protect other potential customers from the same scam. Since recounting her experience, Jasmine has received two private messages from netizens who claim that they had been scammed in a similar manner.
For all netizens, always remember to be alert when ordering food from food delivery services and check with them before paying for anything that seems unusual.

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