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Flight Stewardess asked the taxi driver if she is allowed to change clothes in the taxi.



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According to Radeon Tan, he shared his story about picking up a flight stewardess on his taxi.

Radeon mentioned that yesterday (9 Jan) at about 11:40 pm, he picked up a lady from Pan Pacific Hotel to the Airport. This lady said that she is working as flight stewardess and she is late for work as she was at her friend’s birthday party.

While on the way, the lady informed Radeon to drive faster and she wanted to change into her uniform inside the taxi.

Radeon replied, “Can, but I charge S$8 more”.

The lady said no problem with charges but requested a receipt.  She also asked Radeon not to peep at her when she was changing clothes.

Radeon replied, “I busy driving, no time to see you”.

Upon arrival, Radeon issues her a receipt and she paid in cash.




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