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Filipino mother stuffed tissue paper in baby’s mouth to stop her baby from crying at restaurant.



philipino mom cover baby mouth

A post on facebook mention that this woman is seen covering her baby mouth just to shut him up.

What the video

This is what he said

“At Mcdo taking a rest after work with Karen for a cup of coffee… but….Just in front of me is a Filipina Mother ….

And how heartbreaking seeing this baby being hit continuously putting tissue paper inside her mouth (not on this video) ! Can’t stand it so instead …

I Stopped sneaking this video and started waving at the baby saying hello and making funny faces !
The baby stopped crying and keep on staring at me with teary eyes …. I tried to get the baby attention !

Thanks God she Did stopped crying !

P.S: This video is not from Singapore.

h/t: Cesia Meria

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