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Famous photographer Daryl Aiden Yow caught stealing pictures: Issues apology



Photographers, influencers and fans alike were all shocked this week when the news came out that photographer Daryl Aiden Yow’s pictures were actually mostly stock images or pictures stolen without credit from other photographers.

This week, local photographer Daryl Aiden Yow, who has 100,000 followers on Instagram, went under fire when Mothership.SG noticed that a lot of his images looked oddly similar to many stock images and pictures by other photographers.

Daryl, who is pretty well known amongst the local influencer community, was known for posting dreamy pictures of sunsets, beaches, nature and more. In his captions, he frequently talked about how long he would wait for the right moment and would give people photography tips.

He even did two media interviews about his photography skills.

However, many of his photos have striking resemblances to pictures on stock image sites, Pinterest and more.

It would appear that he was talking these pictures and photoshopping them to look like he had taken the photos himself. His captions were also incredibly misleading as they did lead his followers to believe that he had taken them himself.

After the news broke, many influencers and netizens took to social media to condemn the photographer’s actions as well as to mock him. In particular, local celebrity Preeti Nair posted this photoshopped image on Twitter to mock Daryl.

Many followers also came out to talk about attending photography workshops run by Daryl and expressing anger at the fact that he had used these stock images as his to impart photography skills to people.

Since the saga broke out, Daryl has spoken out to address the issue and has apologised multiple times.

Most notably, he told that he always would tag the photographers or name the source of his photos. However, it was noticed that he only began tagging his posts after he was caught.

Currently, Daryl also claims that the stock images he used were paid for and that he has receipts to prove that.

While Daryl’s photos were not sold for profit, there are issues with the fact that he used these photos in his portfolio. A portfolio which got him invited to conduct workshops and to work with brands such as UNIQLO and Sony for advertising.

On 21 June, Daryl posted a lengthy apology and statement on his Instagram stories. The was what he had to say:

What do you think? Does Daryl deserve the hate he is getting?

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