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Family’s shock after glass dining table ‘explodes’ while they are having steamboat



Stephanie Chu posted on Facebook at 8:29 pm on 20 January sharing the traumatic experience she and her friends had during steamboat.

This is what she said in her post

My friends and I were having steamboat at my place. About 30 minutes into the dinner, my dining table “EXPLODED” and the entire tempered glass top shattered into pieces. Now, steamboat lovers would know the potential devastation when a hotpot pot were to be toppled/spilled over. Now x10 of the damage because of the sudden shatter with glass flying everywhere.

After the incident happened, all of us sat there in shock, and we couldn’t do anything as there were glass shards and hot soup everywhere. *please take a look at the picture to visualise the amount of damage done* we immediately called the ambulance and paramedics came down to rescue us. With all my guests injured, some with cuts bigger than the size of an eye. I myself was brought to NTF for treatment of 2nd degree burns.

I understand that there is a potential possibility of thermal stress that may occur on a tempered glass even though it is supposed to be tough, with 15mm of thickness. With no right or wrong answer to how much heat and duration will cause a tempered glass from shattering, we were unfortunate enough to experience this traumatic experience.

Damage occurred:
1. New kitchenware
2. Lots of injury (blood spilt everywhere)
3. A&E medical attention + follow up appointments
4. Blood stain on wall and sofa
5. Blood seeping into grout (have to dig out and reapply grout as there is no way we can clean it)
6. Food 🙁

It was supposed to be a joyous gathering between my friends. But it ended up being a traumatizing experience. I hope my story will be a warning towards all tempered glass top table owners.

We have contacted the furniture company to ask for their course of compensation, unfortunately, the director of the company said that the best that he can do for us is to replace a brand new laminated table top for us as the base of our table is still intact. (Not even an entirely new table) – but that’s besides the point – what we were looking for was minimally some responsibility on the company’s end… to cover the medical bills and repair costs.

Would I be able to eat in peace at my own dining table in future, wondering about the safety of the table from the same company?

We shifted into our brand new home, with brand new furniture for the entire house, all ready to celebrate our first CNY at our new house. Instead, my husband and I were left speechless with all the mess left behind. When I came home from NTF last night, I broke down and cried when we opened the door. My house is in a mess and it smells like a crime scene of a murder.

But well……. thankfully it was not during the actual CNY, where elderlies and babies/children could have been severely injured.

H/T: Stephanie Chu

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