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Escalator at Raffles City was faulty and a metal stripe came off and clipped my son toe nail!




Take care when taking the escalators. You might be careful but you’ll never think that the escalators is faulty. A yellow metal strip of the escalator step came off and clipped off my son’s whole toe nail at the escalator down towards B2 Carpark. Spent the rest of the day in hospital for treatment. Poor boy cried like crazy and was in trauma.

When discussing with the centre management, realised they have not finished with the investigation and CCTV cannot establish any cause of the incident. My son was just standing hands on my wife’s and not even playing. It was dismissed as an ‘accident’. Kidding me? I wanted to find out the cause, Raffles City Management. Has your escalators been serviced regularly? Are you sure it has been certified safe for use?

I was only informed they will ‘assist’ in claiming from the insurance for expenses I incurred. What?? I have not even include the trauma, time spent, leave taken, transport and medical follow ups which I have yet to be charged. This is simply pushing the responsibility off to insurance company. Is this how the Raffles city centre management work??

I hope to have answers to everything above the next time we meet.



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