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Elderly man falls to death in tragic lift accident



Lift accidents are common. Unfortunately, tragic ones do happen, and in some cases fatal. Just recently, surveillance footage in China captured an elderly man fall to his death in a lift shaft, leaving netizens bewildered.

In a 42 second video clip that went viral on Weibo last Friday, the deceased and his son-in-law (identified only by his surname, Zhou) was seen waiting for the lift to arrive. Soon after, the son-in-law uses a key to open the lift door — allegedly in an attempt to investigate the long wait.

Presumably thinking the lift has arrived, the elderly man makes his way to the door, steps into an empty lift shaft, and falls to his death.

Photo Credit: Asiaone

Several netizens have raised doubts as to why Zhou held keys to the lift door in the first place, while others were baffled by why the old man stepped into an obviously dark and empty shaft.

In a report, Zhou said that he decided to investigate because he “couldn’t see which floor the lift was on, and the arrows were flickering… After opening the doors I was looking in and I forgot about dad, I didn’t realise he was behind me.”

The family is currently following up on the case with the property management office.



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