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Dolphin entangled in fishing line, with a bleeding tail



This Saturday morning, a dolphin that wandered to Bedok Jetty was injured after it got entangled in an angler’s fishing line, according to a witness.

Mr Daniel Sim told Channel NewsAsia he was jogging at about 7:40 am when he saw a crowd of people crowding at the end of the jetty.

When he got closer to the scene, he saw the dolphin struggling in the water. It was entangled in a fishing line and the angler was “reeling in” the mammal, he said.

“Many people were asking him to cut the line but he continued,” Mr Sim, 38, said. “I think everyone was surprised and concerned.”

The businessman then decided to call the Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES). Two minutes after making the call, the angler cut the line, he said.

The dolphin, which was alone, swam away slowly after the line was cut.

“I think it was exhausted,” Mr Sim said. Photos and videos posted online showed that its tail was bleeding profusely.

“We were alerted to this case and responded but the dolphin was nowhere to be seen,” said Mr Kalai Vanan, deputy chief executive officer of ACRES.

“We are monitoring the situation for now and urge members of the public to call our hotline at 97837782 should you spot the dolphin.”




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