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Do you think malay wedding is cheap? Look at the expenses breakdown and you’ll be shock!




I would say 8 out of 10 non-Malays I know are often plain ignorant when it comes to the expenses involved in a Malay wedding. In fact, I have met many of such people who have this impression that a Malay wedding only costs so much. To help address this common problem as well as to educate the non-Malays, I decided to create a simple visual graphic that breaks down the expenses of a Malay wedding in Singapore.

Disclaimer: These are average figures I got from speaking to my married and about-to-get-married friends, and they do not necessarily represent the mass. Also, the figures are based on only one side of the couple. So yes you are right – multiply them by two to get the final figures for both bride and groom’s events.

To all Malay peeps out there, if you have any input(s)/comment(s) on this, leave your comments below!

P/S: Oh, I would also like to add one more point – Malay weddings usually never expect monetary recoup. We don’t complain even if we receive $10 (common amount, honestly) after feeding your family of 8!

Source: Nur Haryanti



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