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Crowds Die Down Dramatically at Jewel Changi



It may sound crazy but can you believe that Jewel Changi actually opened its doors almost a year ago in April 2019?

True enough, most of Singapore seems to have finally gotten over the initial thrill of the place.

It used to be that one could barely enter Changi Airport’s latest addition to Terminal 1. The crowds were massive with everyone trying to get that perfect Instagram shot of the Rain Vortex, a taste of the famous American fast food chain, Shake Shack and to celebrate the return of the beloved A&W.

However, it has been noticed recently that the swarms of people have dramatically reduced in Jewel.

For one, customers can now walk freely into places such as Shake Shack, A&W and more. There are no longer ridiculously long and snaking queues into the establishments.

If you’ve been waiting to try these places because you couldn’t stand the thought of waiting in a queue for hours, now’s your chance for sure.

While it may seem sad that such a vibrant and exciting spot has lost its glamour, it may not be totally unexpected.

For one thing, thanks to the success of their Jewel outlets, both A&W and Shake Shack have opened up new outlets in other parts of the island. A&W has situated themselves in Ang Mo Kio while Shake Shack is opening its second outlet in Neil Road on February 7th 2020.

This branching out has probably meant that less people are inclined to travel so far East for a quick fast food fix.

One has to admit that the food establishments were one of the biggest draws in Jewel.

However, another more sobering reason for the dwindling crowds could be due to the new Wuhan virus outbreak.

The new Coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, has developed dramatically and spread widely to many different countries.

The disease, which has already killed 1013 people in China and infected 43,173, has been declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a global public health emergency.

Singapore currently has 45 confirmed cases of the virus and is the country with the second highest number of cases outside of Wuhan. Japan, with 163 patients, is the country with the highest number of cases.

Worried Singaporeans have taken to wearing masks outside as well as avoiding crowded places.

This could be one of the reasons for the dramatically reduced number of people in Jewel.

Regardless, crowded places are never a good idea when there is a virus going around. Remember to wear a mask if you are unwell and to wash your hands well during this time.


Camillia is always found with a book in her hand and her phone in the other. She loves food and doesn't understand how people can "forget to eat". She will also do literally anything for a good Instagram picture.



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