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Creepy man lurking around at East Coast Park. Is Singapore still safe for our children?



east coat park

Something really scary just happened to us, and I’m sharing this in case you hang out at the beach in east coast.
My son and I were on the beach near big splash. There were families all around. He was playing with his sand toys and I was sitting on a mat a meter away, where I could see and talk to him.
Then a man ( wearing all black, about 170cm, close cropped hair, looks like PRC) walks by, circles back, and squats between my son and I. I was creeped out how he was looking at my son. I continue talking to my son, hoping to send a signal to the man that I’m watching closely.

Then the man takes out his phone, inconspicuously, and points it at my son like he was going to take a photo.
So I stood up, hands on hips, behind the man and called my son to come back to the mat.

The man stayed where he was and still kept looking at my son. After 5 mins, he walked off. But he kept looking back at us. I was so creeped out. I kept an eye on the man and picked up my phone to pretend like I was calling the police. He kept looking back at us until he was out of sight.

Then 5 minutes later, the man comes back! This time, I gathered my son and our things, not even folding the mat up and walked quickly away across the grass to the crowded BBQ pits.

And the guy followed us!! I stopped near the main walkway and near a crowded BBQ pit, and the guys sits on a tree stump nearby! And kept staring!

That’s when I really called the police. And got my son to sit where the man couldn’t see him.
The guy continued to sit and stare for 10 mins then walked off… Unfortunately, a few minutes before the police arrived.
When the 4 police got there, he was nowhere to be seen, having disappeared in re crowds. The police went to look around the area but couldn’t find him.
My son and I left for home, leaving the police to keep looking.

I felt so intimidated and scared. And my son was even more scared!!
I sure hope the police found him.

Have never encountered anything like that in Singapore before. Never would have expected it in such a crowded area in broad daylight.

If you’re ever at the beach with your kids, or anywhere else for that matter, do keep a close eye on them!

Source: Kiran



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