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Couple caught on video engaging in obscene acts at staircase landing



Credit: The Independent

A young couple was caught engaging in obscene acts at the staircase landing of Blk 768 Choa Chu Kang Street 54 in the afternoon.

The anonymous person who took video of them lives in the area and stumble upon them.

The video shows a woman wearing her underwear and facing the man who also appeared to be undressed before she turns and look at the anonymous person.

The anonymous person shared the video clip to STOMP and said this.

“I was climbing the stairs to exercise when I saw two people having sex at the staircase landing. It was on the ninth floor if I remember correctly. The girl was on top of the guy when I first saw them.

“I am sharing this as I didn’t really like what I saw. It is my first time encountering something like this.

“I was quite scared actually, as the guy later chased after me and grabbed my arm. He tried to bring me to one corner for ‘man talk’. I was not injured but he asked me to delete the video whether I filmed it for personal use.

“I managed to flee in the end. I think there was an old lady and a maid who saw him grabbing my arm on the fifth floor. I ran down the stairs when he let go of my arm and ran home afterwards.

This is not the only time couple have been caught at the staircase.

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