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Couple caught having sex in multi-storey carpark



A couple have been caught engaging in sexual acts at a multi-storey carpark blatantly, following another case earlier on where a couple was caught openly having sex outside a pre-school at River Valley.

The latest case took place on 22th March 2018, at around 11:30 pm at a multi-storey carpark at Block 268 Boon Lay Drive.

Lim, a resident, was on his way to dispose rubbish at a trash chute when he noticed a car parked at a weird angle. Upon closer inspection, he noticed a couple behaving intimately inside the car.

According to Lim, “the couple were kissing, with the man groping the woman’s chest, before they moved on to having sex in the passenger seat.”

20 minutes later, Lim added that “the woman alighted the car and walked to a poorly lit corner of the carpark where she appeared to relieve herself.”

Lim told reporters that this does not happen often in the carpark, claiming that “I’ve started living here for 9 months and this is the first time I’ve seen such a thing.”

Cases like these have happened numerous times and couples have been caught on camera engaging in sexual acts at HDB multi-storey carpark rooftops.

Last month, a couple were seen engaging in sexual acts in full public view at a Choa Chu Kang carpark rooftop. A resident who saw the couple said, “The carpark has residential blocks on three sides. The couple were right smack in the middle of the carpark giving residents a birds’ eye view of what they were doing. It’s really quite dumb.”

A similar carpark rooftop tryst was also caught on camera at Block 306B Canberra Road, earlier on before that incident.

If you know of similar incidences, please share with us in the comments below! Let us know your thoughts on this matter!

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