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Condo resident parks illegally: Shouts at security guard and calls her a ‘Malaysian’



A condominium resident was recently filmed shouting at a security officer after parking illegally and receiving a ticket.

Photo: Facebook

On 6 May (Sunday), a video was posted on SG Kay Poh of a condominium resident shouting at a security officer. The man had parked illegally without the carpark disc and had been given a warning by the condominium’s management.

In the video, the man raised his voice and demanded to know why he had received the warning. The security guard repeatedly tells him that this is an issue he has to discuss with the management and not her.

However, the man is furious and demands that the security officer tell the management to come find him instead.

Photo: Facebook

When the security officer asks him for his contact details so that she can get them to contact him, the man refuses to give it to her.

He can be heard in the video telling her to take down his car plate number and to find out his contact details herself.

It is about this point that the security officer stands up and tells him that she is not a Malaysian and that he cannot speak to her that way.

While the man calling her a Malaysian was not recorded, SG Kay Poh claims that the resident did indeed do that.

Netizens were furious about the incident with many people calling for the man to be taught proper manners and that living in a condominium did not make anyone special or above the rules.

Photo Credit: Facebook

However, others mentioned that the video was one-sided and that the matter could have been solved by simply talking to the man and getting him to understand why he was wrong.

Photo Credit: Facebook

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