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Chinese couple from China allegedly cheat people into giving them money



A Facebook post by Shirley revealed that she encountered these China scammers at Tanjong Pagar MRT.

This is her story:

Dear Friends, please be careful of this Chinese couple from China ! They are scammers! Didn’t manage to get a photo of their faces as I decided to take a photo only after I overheard the guy trying to ask for money.. exactly the same style like how he asked from me and my bf!

The lady noted my hesitation, probably recognises me too and quickly alerted the guy and they made some excuses and walked very quickly away from the Japanese Business man (who had difficulty understanding what he saying!).

I almost wanted to pi-chia their lobang by asking them to return the money they “borrowed” from us! Wanted to call the police too but I had no evidence. If anyone knows how to get the police to catch them, that would be great!

How they work:
The guy will say they lost their wallets and are rushing to meet a business partner in Malaysia-JB and hence would like to borrow some money to take transport into Malaysia. He will give u his namecard so that you will believe he is genuine.

The lady acts as his secretary and will be on the lookout. They will use all ways to talk u into giving more money if you being kind, give them money to get to JB. They are pretty well-dressed FYI.

First sighted them at Marina Bay Link Mall (open space at near The Sail) and chanced upon them today (2017-09-13 around 7.10pm) at Tanjong Pagar Mrt.

Timing seems similar cos it’s getting dark and you probably can’t see their face clearly from the location they approach you. Looks like they have been “cheating” people in Singapore in this manner… hope someone can enlightened me on how we can catch them so that no more kind souls will have their money cheated.

H/T: Shirley



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