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Car parked in the handicapped lot got slammed by an angry passerby who left him priceless remarks




A post by Lee saying that he saw this little note in his office car park and thinking that someone must be really angry at this car owner.

We put it into words below

Hello lazy dumbas*s driver and owner of this car! IT seems like you are a regular to this building or probably a season parking holder??

No matter what or who you are, however, there are 20+ empty parking lots on this floor, and yet you choose to pick the very lot that is conveniently next to the lift lobby.

Obviously you are blind or simply that you utterly do not show any respect for others! Is this building your grandfather’s building or what?

You think you can anyhow park anywhere you want is it? Or are you blind enough that you did not even realized that you have parked at a handicap lot or you are truly proving that you are handicap in mind?!

I really hope bizhub 28 Parking management will take some action on your dumbas*s or next time I see you at this lot again, I will make sure you will suffer your consequences!

H/T: Lee



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