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Bugis restaurant deletes apology comments on Facebook, engages in epic PR fail



In the F&B industry, bad reviews are nothing short of common. What matters most is how the establishment deals with such comments. Unfortunately for Safaristeakhouse, they didn’t quite handle the situation properly.

A Facebook user, Angel Lim, left a turd review on the steak house’s page, calling it the “worst place ever”. Safaristeakhouse, also known as Reis Vip Steak House, located along 54 Bussorah Street in the Bugis area.

She spent $120 on one grilled beef combo, one Mediterranean salad and two iced teas — only to be sorely disappointed and left feeling like the meal wasn’t worth it.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Angel Lim

While the restaurant did apologise to Lim (in which the comments have now been deleted), both parties, including other netizens, engaged non-stop about the post. Here are some examples:

And the restaurant’s final word:

They also uploaded their menu out of nowhere:

While Safaristeakhouse shouldn’t have dealt with criticism that way, maybe netizens shouldn’t have added in more unnecessary comments to blow the situation up. This reminds us of a typical argument between in-laws, where both parties won’t back down.

Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.

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