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Woman struggles to make travel insurance claims after finding hidden clauses in AIG’s policies



A Facebook user was recently horrified to find that the travel insurance she paid for had hidden terms that did not allow her to claim for an incident that was claimable by other insurance agents.

Geraldine Ng was travelling with her friends, who were on the same flight, when their flight got delayed by 24 hours. Considering that their flight was delayed beyond the minimum six hours, she proceeded to make her claim with her insurance company, AIG. However, she was denied while her friends, who got insurance from NTUC, were able to get their claim approved.

This was because in the terms and conditions of AIG’s travel policy, there is a clause that says that delays must be due to mechanical delays. However, the airline letter did not use the words ‘mechanical delay’ and therefore, she was not eligible to make her claim.

Geraldine lamented the fact that insurance was bought for incidents that happen due to external factors and that the terms in AIG’s policy make almost impossible to make any sorts of claims.

She added that AIG’s terms and conditions actually differed in different countries and that the only one with so many terms was Singapore.

She ended her post by urging people to check their terms and conditions before buying insurance.

This was her full post:

This is a very disheartening post but I believe I have to alert my family, friends & colleagues to carefully read T&Cs of AIG travel insurance policy with regards to delay claims. READ TERMS and CONDITIONS carefully. Delay claims are payable only on MECHANICAL delay and not OPERATIONAL delay in AIG travel policy.

My friends and I are on the same flight that was delayed for 24 hours a few weeks ago and in the end, they already got their claim from NTUC while our claims were denied by AIG. Guess what? It was because the airline letter did not indicate that the delay was due to MECHANICAL delay.

The fact that we buy travel insurance is for occasions that happen due to EXTERNAL factors, be it mechanical or operational.

And furthermore, the minimum 6 hours clause (before we can even justify for a claim) ALREADY COVERS OPERATIONAL DELAYS!! What more does it take for AIG to find reasons to deny claims?

What irony…so people go read your policies now. There’s no telling when AIG will sneak a new term somewhere to ensure they don’t need to pay you.

Updated photos on different insurer’s T&Cs (ONLY DELAYS) taken as of 30th Aug from individual websites. Note: T&Cs differ from country to country…Singapore AIG seems to think we should be slammed with more T&Cs. Hahaha.

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