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12-year-old boy dies after fireworks exploded in his face



MALAYSIA: It’s the week of Hari Raya and muslims all over the world are celebrating this festive season, but a tragic accident happened to this 12-year-old boy, Haiqal Hakim on 25 June around 12am.

According to Oriental Daily, the incident happened in Kampung Bintawa Hilir, Kuching. One of the fireworks that was lighted up did not discharged so the boy decided to ran over to check.

As the boy was looking at the supposedly dead firework, when suddenly it exploded right in his face. The force of the blast caused the boy to suffer heavy injuries to the head and he fell down. He was killed immediately by the explosion and it was reported that the force had even caused his right eyeball to fly out.

It was understand that the boy was playing alone when his father heard a loud noise and rushed out to see sight of his son dying.

The police have confirmed the case and investigation is ongoing.

H/T: Oriental Daily

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