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Worker dies during tree-pruning after falling off broken branch and getting impaled




In a rather grim freak accident yesterday, Indian labourer Ganesahn was pruning a 25m-tall tree in Bukit Timah when a branch broke and he fell, hitting his head onto a branch. The impact killed him instantly, and his body suspended 10m above the ground from a safety harness.

According to co-workers, the 45-year-old Indian national either died from being impaled by a branch that went through his left cheek or he died from the forceful impact — the details are unclear. They noted however that when the body was brought down, there was “so much blood on his head,” The New Paper reports.

Ganesahn had been working in Singapore for six years, and leaves behind a family in India.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) responded to the incident a little after 3pm, and paramedics pronounced Ganesahn dead at scene. Both the police and the SCDF are carrying out investigations into the unnatural death.

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