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Woman speaks up on her side of the story on the MRT reserved seat



lady in mrt

Hello, I was that girl in the picture.
See all objective and fair comments in the comments, let my heart be comforted and touched. Let me describe the truth: on my way by Metro, a mother with a small girl standing next to me, I sit in the seat.

Start the girl stand up seat opposite me, and she said no, so she sat back into the seat. Then, I seat and invited her to sit down, but she said they prepared the next station without; I saw a little girl sitting on the floor, called the little girl sitting on my throne, but she insists not to sit.
So I will continue to sit on the location.This is the truth, rather than the surface see.
I went to look for the first photos of people privately want to clarify communication with him, but he chose not to respond. Thank you all very fair comment, really hope that things will calm down as soon as possible, let us experience empathy I feel, thank you.
-Translated by Bing

Source: Pingping Li

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