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Woman left suicide note and had been missing since 21 Nov



To all my friends on Facebook,


My Friend Charmaine Teo, stayed in my house, Woodlands Circle, since 12years ago due to her family problem, left a suicidal note and gone missing since last night 21 Nov 2017 about 9.30pm.

She did not bring her identification card, passport, bank card, ezlink, phone, key, etc. I attached her recent photo taken when she was in the hospital due to her abusing herself. Her hair will be about 1cm long now.

She still have wound on her head so she is wearing a black hat. Last seen wearing red short sleeves top with hood and long black pants. However she might change her clothes as she did bring along something with her but I dunno what is it.

Already reported police. She will be due to change her dressing tomorrow 23 Nov 2017 if not her wound might get infection and worsen her condition. She is upset by her family problem and stress at work.

Since she did not bring much things with her, just some loose cash and miscellaneous, she should still be around Woodlands area. If anyone see her, because she have suicide intention, please help to call the police.

Just call 999, inform them this is the missing person Charmaine Teo, police will go down. Please help to look around if you happen to be around Woodlands area. Thank you very much.

Ps: If you see her, after calling the police, please also help me tell her that Ling and Ling’s mum** (actually is my Mum not her Mum, I just realised I make a mistake) want her to be back home sound and safe. Thank you!

Ps 2: DEAR ALL, I AM SORRY! I make a mistake, is my mum not her mum. If you do find her, please tell her is me and my mum want her back NOT her mum. If you said her mum, I think she will never want to come back. Please don’t ever mention her mum to her, thank you so much!!!

**Is almost 48hrs, I am really worry for her wound. Is she eating properly or if she done anything foolish already. If anyone find her, please help me check if she is hungry, help me buy some food for her. I will pay you back ???She might lie that she is not hungry, please help to look at her lips, if her lips look very pale mean she is hungry, please get her some food. Thank you!



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