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Woman gives up S$13K Hermes bag in exchange for NTUC vouchers for the needy



If you’ve always wanted a designer bag but can’t bear with the frivolousness of spending so much on one, here’s your chance.

A women on Facebook is offering to sell her Hermes Birkin bag in exchange for $13,888 in NTUC vouchers. She then plans to use these vouchers to help needy families.

Photo Credit: Pan Fion‎

Early in March, Ms Pan Fion put up a post on Facebook Group Keeping Hope Alive, offering up her bag which was a prized possession. The bag is worth around $18,000.

The post, which has since accumulated 13 shares, already has one responder.

Fion posted that a woman had donated $11k in NTUC vouchers but had refused to take the bag. Her reason being that she wanted Fion to keep looking for more donors and to raise more for the needy.

Photo Credit: Pan Fion‎

While this may seem like a spontaneous act, Fion is actually no stranger to helping out needy families.

Keeping Hope Alive is a Facebook page that Fion started to help underprivileged Singaporeans. Since it began, the Facebook group has amassed a total of 4,068 members.

They do things such as caring for sick elderly people, providing groceries for needy families and going door-to-door to find out the needs in the community.

Photo Credit: Keeping Hope Alive

It is through this that Fion has realised that many people donate items to needy families but these items may not be what the specific individual needs to survive.

Which is why Fion tends to take time out of her day to accompany families on grocery trips so that using these vouchers, they can purchase items that they actually need instead of simply receiving things that they might have no use for.

When asked why she would put up such a prized bag for charity, Fion told STOMP this:

“I think we all want to do good, but sometimes there are people who can’t help feeling that they receive nothing even if they offer help to others.That’s why I’m giving the bag because I understand that it’s not easy. It’s because I want to reward the people who want to do good.”

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