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Wedding caterer allegedly dumps curry into Tampines River



On 4th February 2018, Shirley Lc Tan alleges that a wedding caterer at Block 408 had dumped their curry gravy into Tampines River, which is located next to the block.

The post angered many as the river is known to be home to plenty of monitor lizards and otters.

Irritated netizens were also quick to tag the National Environment Agency (NEA) to prompt them to take appropriate action against the inconsiderate caterer.

Some users were also calling for the caterer to be named publicly so that they could boycott it.

On NEA’s website, it is stated that illegal dumping of waste of any kind is a serious offence.

“It pollutes the environment and can be a hazard to public health,” said NEA.

According to NEA, the presence of otters in Singapore are a sign of clean waterways as these wild animals refuse to travel through dirty water.

Thus, it is vital to keep the waters clean so that these otters can continue to live and thrive in an optimal environment.

Let’s work together to create a better environment for all!

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