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We have been searching for him for 3 years and could not locate him. Please help us!




Dear family and friends, I know this post may mean nothing to you but it mean a lot to me, my sister, my mum and our family members.

This boy here is my nephew, Faid Nazir. He should be 10 years old and in Primary 3 by now cause he repeated his K2. The last time we see him was roughly 3 years ago..We have been searching for him for so long, using lawyers etc but our search was unsuccessful cause we could not locate his father after he separated us from him which was after the custody given to him.

Yesterday my mum and my brothers make the move to drove up to Pahang to find his paternal grandparents and they manage to find them. The story we heard from his paternal grandmother is that he was put into welfare home due to some incident which we are unsure about it.

She is also unsure of the welfare home name as she shared that no one is allowed to visit him except for his mother which is my sister. She also share that he was hospitalised and keep asking for his mummy. We know that the only way to locate him is to go to MSF for confirmation.

But before we proceed, if by any chance you have any information about him, please do let us know cause we hope to find him and if possible to take care of him back again. Please do share this post. Thank you.

Source: Norashidah Ali

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