We got robbed while staying at a Airbnb apartment


Now that we are back safe and sound, here’s the whole happenings of the worst nightmare when we booked at 187 Rue du Faubourg, Saint Denis, Paris.

We had booked ‪#‎Airbnb‬ apartment in Paris for a 5d4n, from 9th to 13th Oct. We chose this area due to the proximity to Gare Du Nord as we were arriving via Eurostar from London. We were there with our 3 kids (12, 6 and 3 year old) and 3 luggages + backpacks.

Upon reaching, the host picked us up as promised in her red hat, walked us to her apartment. The first night was alright. The nightmare started on day 2.

We left the house on the second day at 8am (Saturday) and were back only around 10.30pm. Door was still locked and all window had grills except the ones facing the main road. Everything remained just like how it was when we left. The most traumatic moment was when we walked into the bedroom and discovered the cupboard and a drawer were opened. The 2 mobile phones and 1 tablet that was left in the room were missing. All these happened and yet there was no visible signs of a break-in. The chest of drawers were all closed and only one drawer half-heartedly opened and the wardrobe was left opened too, which was strange becos there was no signs of rummaging.

Upon that, we rushed to the dining table and my work laptop, a white Lenovo was missing too. Son then discovered his Casio watch was stolen too. It was a Saturday and it would be highly impossible that any burglars would climb in thru this window under broad daylight as it faces Main Street. Right below is a busy street with lotsa shops and right behind was a Bus Terminal and a police post was right below the train station.

In total, we lost the following:
– Lenovo Laptop x 1
– Samsung S5 x 1
– Samsung S3 mini x 1
– Samsung Tab 1.0 x 1
– Casio Watch x 1

Upon discovering the theft, we went to the host who was just staying at the next door. The reaction given was most disappointing. It was simply a shrug of the shoulders, turning up the nose and saying “this is bizarre. We have stayed here for the last 10 years and nothing happened.” And she went on and questioned if my children pranked and hid the items. That was most shocking, to shift the blame and responsibility to my children. Nothing else that the host and her husband volunteered. They were also not concerned over and did not assess the possible damages to their house (which was none by the way). If we had not insisted that we wanted to file a police report, she would be ready to brush off the entire matter. When she next came back to our unit, we told her that we will reconsider going to the police, probably the next morning as my 3 yo was sleeping and the 2 other kids were tired out as well. I was not willing to risk leaving my kids in her house (she offered), nor in the same unit with one of us where the other one go with her to file the report.

Throughout the ordeal, the host was not concerned at all about their belongings, our safety as well as the loss. It was simply a message sent across as “tough luck. It’s a sad situation. We do not understand why too” and that’s it.

We packed our luggage immediately that night and left on day 3 at 6.30am. We could not sleep the night before for fear that we may be burglar-ed again, and our children’s safety was priority. Our kids wanted to leave Paris immediately as they were close to tears and so badly traumatized. We had to incur extra cost to get train tickets from Paris to London.

Now we have contacted the host again, asking if we could have a refund for the 2 nights but her reply was simply negative.

The thing on our mind now, is how on earth did the burglar break into the house when all the windows are grilled up? And the main door was still locked? Not forgetting that in order to get into the building, we will need to first use the security key tap to enable the building door to be opened before we walk into the lobby. And at the lobby, we will need the same security key tap to get access into the lift lobby before we can either take the lift or walk upstairs.

A police report has since been lodged immediately the next morning at around 7am.

Attached are some pictures of the unit as well as the excerpts of our conversation. Airbnb has been roped into this matter to investigate.

I am posting this as I do fear that subsequent guests may encounter the same ordeal as we had. A review has been posted at Airbnb but as long as the host does not post to reply to my review, the review will not be posted and there will be no way to warn innocent guests about this “bizarre situation”.

Source: Catherine