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WARNING! Defective and fake baby playmats found in Singapore. Mummies beware!




WARNING – Defective and fake baby playmats

PLEASE note: we have ONCE AGAIN discovered that there are currently fake and defective playmats in the Singapore market and we have been provided proof that these products are being sold by Ms. Vivienne Ng at the Baby Expo company, and operating these


If you go to their website you will notice that there are hardly any products listed, and most deals are outdated. This is because they do not have a constant supply of the fake and defective products. As you can see from these images here, their products are sold as PARKLON yet they are NOT from PARKLON Korea. Parklon Korea has verified this with us. These are most probably copies made elsewhere – HENCE the quality yet they claim they are from Korea.

Small Small World ( is the sole and exclusive distributor of Parklon, LG, Fisher Price and Disney bumper playmats in the Singapore Market. Therefore, wherever you see our Bumper Playmats, they have been distributed by us – EXCEPT for playmats sold at this individual Baby Expo.

At Expo’s and baby fairs, ONLY Small Small World will ever sell Bumper Playmats. Therefore, this advertising by Baby Expo is false and misleading and Small Small World and it’s approved retailers of the Bumper Playmat WILL NOT guarantee any products purchased at this Baby Expo. As we have been informed, these products are a combination of defects sold into the Market as well as fake copies produced elsewhere. They are misleading customers by giving the Bumper Playmat’s the same name, calling them PARKLON or LG when they are NOT.

If you are unsure, please contact us directly to verify a product and/or ask this Baby Expo retailer for proof that Parklon have produced and authorized the sale of these products – then come and check with us.

Here are all the AUTHORIZED retailers of Parklon, LG, Fisher Price and Disney bumper playmats in the Singapore Market – authorized by Small Small World (SG) and Parklon Korea:…/where-to-buy-info-27.html

to all your friends and colleagues and beware of cheats such as this in the market.

ONE YEAR WARRANTY against Defects In Materials and Workmanship!

Small Small World and Parklon Korea promises that the manufacturer properly constructed the product in Korea, using materials that are eco friendly, BPA free, non toxic & Non Phthalate, with SGS safety certification.

Small Small World and Parklon Korea provides an exclusive One Year Warranty that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship.

If the product contains any defects that are not up to your satisfaction, upon the manufacturers approval, Small Small World will replace the goods.


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