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Vigilante group SMRT feedback slams horror movie 23:59



There are two ways to really be horrified at a horror film.

One: It’s actually scary. Two: It’s so awful you’re gripped with terror at how much money you just wasted on a movie ticket.

For SMRT Feedback, it’s the latter. In his #damnhonest review of 23:59 The Haunting Hour, he states that it “looks like a final year project of a La Selle film undergrad”. Ouch.

This film’s predecessor, 23:59, did surprisingly well. It topped the weekend box office chart in 2011, grossing $742,000 in just four days and $1.5 million in total at the local box office. Maybe it’s true that sequels have rarely been a good idea.

The same can’t be said for The Haunting Hour. Apparently the scariest moment in this film was “when the ending scene hinted at the possibility of another sequel”. There’s nothing like rolling out those endless installments of a franchise and milking it for all it’s worth.

A personal review of the movie is totally fine, but here’s where it gets a little antsy.

The 23:59 Facebook page comments on the post, and apologises for SMRT Feedback’s bad movie-watching experience. They promise to “refund [his] $13 lah, plus one free popcorn… throw in some prata too”. That’s a tantalising offer. We’re not sure we’d say no to free food.

But things get personal. SMRT Feedback shoots back with some choice information about the movie’s director. “Refund my $13? Sure boh? Mai lah. Your director can’t even pay taxi driver correct fare and then kena sentence 6 weeks jail for beating up the taxi driver.”

Photo Credits: SMRT Feedback by The Vigilanteh

Gilbert Chan, the film’s director, assaulted a taxi driver last April when taking a cab from Goodwood Park Hotel, and was sentenced to six weeks’ jail as a result.

23:59’s page takes this jibe in its stride, commenting that there’s “no need to get personal”, and that “every movie takes a great team effort to produce.”

What a horror fest this entire exchange has turned out to be.

Since you’re here, here are some other local horror movies to check out:

1. The Eye (2002)

Co-produced by MediaCorp Raintree Pictures and Hong Kong’s Applause Pictures, this film grossed $2.4 million at the box office and even resulted in a 2008 remake which starred Jessica Alba.

2. The Maid (2005)

Everyone’s probably seen this poster in their childhood or when they were a teen. It smashed local box office records then, grossing $700,000 on its opening weekend. It went on to clinch the Asian Film Award at the 10th Puchong International Fantastic Film Festival.

3. Bait 3D

This Australian-Singaporean film veers away from the supernatural, and into the territory of shark attacks. Want to know what happens in the aftermath of a tsunami? A great white shark washes to shore. This movie stars Adrian Pang and Qi Yuwu.



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