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Up to $2,100 in fraudulent loans taken out by domestic worker in Singapore!



Early this month a Singaporean woman, Velle Yee, took to Facebook to lament about her Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW). Sismar Mae Amor, the FDW, had taken up various loans from at least 6 moneylenders with her employer’s details.

Yee first found about one of these loans back in October last year. When confronted, the domestic worker lied about the loan, and pushed the blame onto someone else. Yee chose not to terminate the work permit of her FDW, as it would be too much of a hassle for her to find a replacement.

Photo Credit: Velle Yee

Over the next six months, Sismar continued to borrow money from various people with her employer’s details.

When this came to light in late April,  Velle Yee decided that enough is enough and terminated Sismar’s contract. A ticket back to her home city, Davao Island was purchased for her.

Following this incident, a police report was made. Investigations by the police revealed that the extent of the loans stretched to as high as $2,10o.

The money had been used to purchase mobile phones and jewellery. The shopping spree seemed to indicate that Sismar had no intention of returning to Singapore after her home visit, which was scheduled for May this year.

Employment Ban?

In the wake of this  catastrophe, Velle Yee wrote in to the Ministry of Manpower to strongly recommend an employment ban on Sismar.

The Ministry responded that while they cannot ban Sismar from seeing re-employment in Singapore, they can put her on a reference system which would recommend future employers to contact Velle Yee.

This case presents an interesting look at dishonest domestic workers and the fall out that employers have to deal with after.

It is of note that licensed moneylenders doled out cash without proper verification or checks.




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